Who, in their wildest childhood dreams, never dreamt of seeing their toys become life-sized?

The pretty dolls of our music boxes become so big they’ll pull us into a waltz, the toy soldiers will leave their rows to parade majestically and welcome the tall Ladies, giant majestic dolls, guarding our childhood and playing room.

Format: Luminescent street parade
Duration: 1h30 or 2×45 minutes or 3×30 minutes
Music: 6 musicians, acoustic fanfare, disco, funk, festive style – Original music

14 characters – 
Short version available

  • 3 soldiers on jumping stilts
  • Fanfare of 5 musicians
  • 2 tall Ladies on high stilts (3m10)
  • 2 soldiers on high stilts (3m10)
  • 2 dolls: rollerblade dancers


Credits photos : E. Klasen, Cie Remue Ménage – Show registered at the SACD