Listen to the sound of drums and electro notes… Music is coming from an unfamiliar world.

From the top of its vault, this concert – or must we say show – plunges us in an underwater world bathed in luminescent colours. A show where circus, music, dance, video and pyrotechnics mingle. Animals from the deep sea are dancing: jellyfish, seahorses and lion fishes… All of them gather in lavish movements. Acrobats move around as if they were not affected by gravity… While they sway, their smooth and suspended gestures invite you to dip into abyssal depths.

Witness the reversal between the sea and the sky.

Duration: 50 minutes

During the evening – STAGED SHOW full version during the evening – with 2 gantries

Number of people: 16artists and 6 technicians: 22 people

  • The Musicians : 1 DJ – 5 live japanese drums – electro Pop Fusion music
  • The Dancers : 3 dancers with luminous fans
  • Solo of chinese pole
  • Solo of fire juggler
  • 2 aerial artists (cube, tissu) and pole dance
  • The Lyon fishes : 2 giant puppets, inflated and luminous, manipulated by 2 comedians
  • The Flying Fish : 1 big volume luminous inflated with helium (to be provided), manipulated by a comedian
  • 5 technicians (stage, sound and light)

The Jellyfish Carriers: costumes and choreography offered by the compagny

Illuminated jellyfish of 80 cm diameter carried by some actors of the city, up to 10 persons

Integration of a team from the city in the show – staging by our choreographer


Credits photos : Laurent Nembrini, L’œil du zèbre, Cie Remue-Ménage – Show registered for SACD