Follow the glow of the full moon and come and meet our nomadic people with their fantastic animals moving along façades.

Pink flamingos are the companions of our men of fire and acrobat girls. Come along and discover the untold story of our shepherds, a story inviting you to look up at the sky.

This fire warms the hearts in the middle of the desert, relieves the shivering skin under the night breeze. Fascinating, they attract us in a vertical dance defying gravity. Suspended by wires, they fly away, tumble down this dark wall of the night sky. Interacting with the stars in an aerial dance… Gorgeous, like the crystal-clear voices of the women with blue skin and ebony eyes.

Format: static show in an urban space, on façades or gantry
- pyrotechnic effects
Music: 7 live musicians, with sound system, electro-ethnic – original music
Duration: 30 minutes
Technical effects: Sound and light show – Pyrotechnic effects provided by the company

20 artists and 5 stage managers = 25 persons

  • 4 birds on stilts – illuminated and inflated puppeteers on stilts with articulated costumes. Height: 3.50m
  • 1 male and 3 female pyrotechnic dancers
- Flame manipulators and fire dance
  • 4 aerial acrobats – “façade” dance
  • 1 actor on articulated sound machine
  • The moon’s take-off – diameter: 3.70m, helium filled, volume: 27m³, lighting: 4 x 1200 watts on Fly case with electric winch
  • 7 live musicians with sound system
  • Pyrotechnic effects


Credits photos : Cie Remue Ménage – Show registered at the SACD