Exploring the stars, traveling to the moon, dreaming of the future, inventing a new world… humans always dream to go beyond their limits.

This creation is overflowing with energy, we searched the dreams and fantasies of those who wanted to cross the boundaries of the imaginable to conquer technology. Artificial intelligence went from being fiction to a reality and has turned our daily lives upside down in recent decades. However, the turmoil that we experience since the 70′s has accelerated our lives to the point of making us dizzy.

In this joyous whirlwind, art: dance, music, plastic arts; is reflected in pop culture and urban culture. It was the thermometer of life amidst the turmoil. Surely it is still the best way to challenge the world around us.

Year of creation: 2022
Format: Illuminated & moving street fresco – fixed choreographic performances
Music: Recorded music – Original soundtrack – provided by the company
Duration: Street parade 1h30 or 2 x 45 min
Technical effects: Light and sound systems, provided by the company

Parade full version:
14 artists and 1 companion, i.e., 15 people

  • “The DJ Tower”: 1 DJ and 1 Musical Machine pilot – pulled by a small vehicle and driven by an actor. Integrated sound system, lights, confetti, and pyrotechnics
  • 2 male dancers with illuminated costumes
  • 4 female dancers with illuminated costumes
  • 6 giant illuminated robot dancer puppets
  • 1 technician


Credits photos : Cie Remue Ménage – show registered for SACD