Our illuminated and magical carriage pulled by an oversized percheron is coming your way. Welcome to the ball!

Meet our wonderful stiltwalkers, our lamplighters, our lampshade ladies fluttering around and our two evanescent lovers. Portraits that have stayed still for too long, escaping from Renoir’s, Degas’ and Mucha’s paintings. The characters introduce the audience to a fanciful world. Those revellers from the past wake up to dance in your streets!

In this world playing the game of appearances, they come back to the essence. Wearing a mask is essential in the social game. A secret is hidden between characters and spectators. It’s a disturbing invitation. They come and escape the time of a show. Illuminated, they cut the night… The acrobats refer to this modern and dazzling century.

Ladies and gentlemen, before your very eyes, please discover the choreographed splendour, the exploding, affectionate and unexpected movement, a delusional and unique experience… You’ll see! You’ll dance along.

This show slides and flies by, intangible and unreal. In a wonderful madness, a ball will be taking place tonight.

Format: Illuminated & moving street fresco – fixed choreographic performances
Music: Recorded music – Original soundtrack
Duration: Street parade 1h30 or 2 x 45 min
Technical effects: Light and sound systems, provided by the company

Parade full version: 13 artists + 1 technician

  • “The carriage”: Musical machine pulled by a massive, inflated and illuminated horse. Lights and sound integrated, driven by an actor, “The Coachman”.
  • “The Lovers”: 2 acrobats-dancers, illuminated caps
  • “The Marcels”: 2 acrobats – illuminated hats
  • “The flower girls”: 6 dancers with illuminated lampshades
  • “The Lamplighters””: 2 illuminated acrobats-stiltwalkers


Credits photos : Cie Remue Ménage – show registered for SACD