It is a fascinating journey through time.

A horde of illuminated bears move around accompanied by extravagant dancers. A charming Master of Ceremonies walks on stilts and guides the whole procession.
Travellers without borders, they migrate from town to town carrying the show on their shoulders. A strange caravan emerges in the street resembling the beginning of the century. Town criers, peddlers, street elixir sellers, acrobats and bear tamers get together to offer us a sublime dance

These fascinating giants bring us dream and surprise. The graceful ballet offers an incredible discovery and an unbelievable encounter.

Format : Illuminated street parade – fixed choreographic performances
Music : Recorded music – live music
Duration : Street parade 1h30 or 2 times 45 min
Technical effects : The company provides light and sound system

Parade full version : 14 artists and 1 stage manager = 15 people
Parade short version : 9 artists and 1 stage manager = 10 people

  • «The Diligence » : Central structure motorized and articulated structure – integrated sound and light system – driven by an artist
  • « The dancers » : 4 Illuminated dancers
  • « The Bear Tamers» : 2 illuminated acrobats on stilts
  • « The Bears » From 4 to 8 illuminated giant puppets, handled by puppeteers
  • 1 stage manager


Credits photos : Laurent Quinkal – Show registered at the SACD