Earth, on a day not quite like the others: neglected and mistreated by careless humans, beautiful Achike, the spirit of our planet, falls ill.

She sneezes, is feverish… Each of her sneezes causes a natural disaster!

Frightened by all these disasters, a young boy named Nalou, decides to run away.
 He begins a long journey, punctuated by encounters with mysterious, wonderful … and quite frankly ridiculous characters!
During his journey, Nalou will understand he doesn’t need to flee : he, the young boy, can heal Achike and restore harmony by taking care of the Earth.

Achiké the Earth has a cold gives a humorous and delicate point of view about the current environmental concerns. 
By transposing a Peruvian folk tale in modern society, the Cie Remue Ménage reactivates these mythologies and gives children space to think about our planet, in this engaging, but never moralizing show.

Format: Indoor show mixing dance, theatre, circus and video, for young people from 4 years old
Duration: 50 min

Original idea, direction and choreography: Veronica Endo
Set and costumes: Loïc Delacroix
Sets: Armand Lestard
Video: Emanuel Rojas
Music: Jean Christophe Onno and Rouge Madame
Masks: Cécile Meunier
Props: Cécile Boivert
Illustrations: Olivier Derouetteau
Lights: Hervé Wieczorek
Stage manager: Habib Beldjilali
Texts: Veronica Endo Writing assistance: Marie Gayet
Starring Dan Gutman, Nathalie Jeanson, Veronica Endo
Coproducers: Ville de Deuil La Barre du Festival-de l’Oise


Credits photos : Seb  Frezza, Cie Remue Ménage – Show registered at the SACD