Quentin the Rooster, the waterproof mascot and Luna, a magical rag doll, meet while lost in an airport…

Quentin is extremely proud of his collection of umbrellas, but hates rain that makes his many gadgets go wrong. Luna, a magician rag doll, a bit of a prankster, loves mixing languages when she talks.
 But Quentin doesn’t understand a thing of what she says. Luckily Luna knows how to dance, Quentin knows how to juggle, Luna is mischievous, Quentin is a teaser.

By continually playing tricks on each other, they will finally find a way to communicate…

Format: Show mixing dance, theatre, circus and video, for young people from 2 years old, indoor
Duration: 50 minutes

2 artists and 1 stage manager
Languages available: French, Spanish, English or Hungarian
Created and played by Veronica Endo and Loic Delacroix
Video by Scorpène


Credits photos : Seb  Frezza, Cie Remue Ménage – Show registered at the SACD