The Flight is part of an unusual experience; it’s an invitation to look at our streets from a different point of view. A wonderful procession, an imaginary world unfolds: a troupe made up of crazy characters, precious and magnificent birds, looking like stained-glass windows hanging from the sky.

They’re inviting us to follow them in their aerial dance, in a pop-rock flight of fantasy fuelled by their energy. Movement is the central point of this epic show, seen in the choreography as well as in the symbolic of animate objects.

The earth and the sky are merging. The world is shifting under our feet. We get carried away by the dizziness, free as if we were flying.

Birds are present in all environments, from the tropics to the poles, from the lowlands to the highlands. But some of them are endangered species. We would like to draw attention on this threat by paying them tribute.

Format: illuminated street parade – fixed choreographic performances
Music: Pop-rock and lyrical repertoire – 1 drummer – 1 guitar player – Live music – Original soundtrack
Duration: street parade 1h30 or 2 x 45 min
Technical effects: The Company provides light and sound system

Parade full version: 16 artists – 2 technicians – 10 participants from the city
Parade short version: 10 artists – 1 technician – 10 participants from the city

  • «The Heron» : Central point  – Articulated luminous inflated structure driven by a comedian. Sound system included.
  • «Cymbal Tree» : 1 drummer– 1 guitarist – Original live music – Pop-rock music style
  • «The Herons» : 2 puppeteers with inflated birds
  • «The Irises» : 3 dancers, equipped with luminous fans
  • «The Woodpeckers» : 3 dancers on stilts – luminous costumes and fans
  • «The Peacocks» : 3 dancers with a bird’s head structures and peacock’s tails
  • 2 stage managers


Credits photos : Cie Remue Ménage – show registered for SACD