Here is my room and these are my toys. It is forbidden to put them away.
Musicians with a joyous look, beautiful spring soldiers and dancing dolls.

Thank you for knocking before entering. Thank you for letting me play music, sing, jump, dance and give everything.
For letting me daydream, for letting me mix everything, for allowing me to make mistakes and for letting me have fun with my toy brigade.

Format: Dynamic and lively street parade, with a fixed-stage choreography.
Duration: 1h30 or 2 x 45 min or 3 x 30 min parade
Music: Live music repertoire – Original music 5 musicians – acoustic fanfare, disco style, funk and festive

Full parade version:
14 artists
Reduced parade version:
10 artists

  • The Musicians: Fanfare of 5 musicians – Luminous costumes
  • The Dancers: 3 dancers – Luminous costumes
  • The Soldiers: soldiers on jumping stilts – Luminous costumes
  • The Stilts Walkers– 2 female stilt walkers – Luminous costumes


Crédits photos : Cie Remue-Ménage – Spectacle inscrit au répertoire de la SACD