A universe made of sweets, acid drops, strawberry marshmallows, lollipop-men, sugar ladies, bubbling music.

This show fizzes on the tongue…
 It’s all about delicacies and delights…

Welcome to our Delights Factory!

Format: Luminescent street performance with possibility to include a final show
Music: 6 live musicians, with sound system – acoustic fanfare – original music.
Duration: parade without final 2 x 45 min or 1h30 – Static show 1h15
Technical effects: Sound and light show – Pyrotechnic effects provided by the company

Parade full version: 12 artists and 1 stage manager = 13 persons.
Parade short version: 10 artists and 1 stage manager = 11 persons.

  • The Delights factory: illuminated electric vehicle with trailer and sound system, confetti cannon
  • The confectioner: barker (distorted voice), wizard, leader of the Factory
  • The sugar ladies: 2 girls on roller
  • The fool: Actor playing with sounds (sampler)
  • The Delights wizards: 2 juggling stiltwalkers
  • The lollipop men: fanfare with 6 musicians – inflated costumes


Credits photos : Cie Remue-Ménage – Show registered at the SACD