You have surely already seen them while strolling in the woods, whistling gorgeous tunes at the foot of a tree or squabbling on a mushroom.

Meeting the Boblins is meeting a happy group of men-animals, elves, a giant, musicians and pranksters.

Riddles and guesses, these fantastic and mischievous beings have only just started playing tricks on you!

Format: Fantastic street parade
Duration: 1h30 or 2×45 minutes or 3×30 minutes
Music: acoustic music, medieval style (drums, transverse flute, bagpipes) 
 – Original music

Parade : 7 characters

  • “Ignamuse”, 1 bagpipe player
  • “Elfine”, 1 flute player on stilts
  • “Baten and Paten” – 2 drummers on stilts
  • “Franchum and Poulpiket”, 2 stiltwalkers on jumping stilts
  • “Ouk, the giant” 1 stiltwalker – 3.50m puppet


Credits photos : Cie Remue Ménage – Show registered at the SACD