If you take a good look down to the ground, you’ll see them… Some bright wings running under the wiggly herbs. Mischievous insects bustle about, gathering in their grass houses.

A feast is happening soon. With every season comes new celebrations, tiny people know that well. Do you hear this gentle hubbub, this hissing day song turning into a beautiful and mind-blowing voice in the evening?

They are merry men, dancing a farandole, jumping around, and dusting themselves down with giant stilt walkers.
During the night, they hide behind the fog of the fumigants to play some pranks. They laugh around the fire while eating some delicious apples.

Format: Illuminated street performance, final show of the parade The Tiny people
Duration: 30 min
Music: with sound system, natural electro fantasy sound
Technical effects: Sound and light show – Pyrotechnic effects provided by the company

13 artists and 3 stage managers = 16 persons

  • The Alchemist: actor leading the coach
  • The Fireflies : 2 female dancers
  • The Scouts: 2 stilt walkers
  • The Rascals: 4 stilt walkers on jumping stilts
  • The Hunchbacks: 2 acrobats
  • The Princess: aerial acrobat, free rope (final show)
  • The Prince: acrobat flame manipulation and fire dance (final show)
  • The Coach: luminous structure with sound system, bubbles and smoke, driven by the Alchemist
  • The Cauldron: fire machine (small pyrotechnic effects), driven by a rascal
  • Static show with independent gantry – Dance – flame manipulation and fire dance – Aerial silks – Pyrotechnic effects


Credits photos : Andrea Endo – Show registered at the SACD