As if coming from the strangest collection, from the bag of an explorer or from the sketch of an archaeologist, those oversized puppets come to life for our greatest pleasure.

These entirely dreamed up amulets have crossed the ages, adapting themselves to all generations, therefore combining traditions and modernity.

Inspired by the traditional celebrations of the American continent, these mysterious dolls are the interpretation of several myths. They defy our most primitive superstitions, with music and dance, to arouse curiosity and amazement.

Format: Luminescent street performance with possibility to include a final show
Music: 7 live musicians, “Fusion Latine – New Orleans Jazz” sound Original music
Duration: parade without final 2 x 45 min or 1h30 – Static show 45 min
Technical effects: Sound and light show – pyrotechnic effects provided by the company

Parade full version: 14 artists and 2 stage managers = 16 persons
Parade short version: 7 artists and 1 stage manager = 8 persons
Full version with final show: 17 artists and 5 stage managers = 22 persons

  • “Los Demonios”: 3 articulated and illuminated giant puppets, handled by 3 puppeteers – height 4m – embedded pyrotechnic effects
  • “La Màquina”: motorised and articulated structure – integrated sound system – flamethrower – black light – 1 driver – height 3.50m, width 2.50m
  • “La Diabla”: puppet handled by a dancer
  • “Los Toros”: 2 dancers handling bull-shaped machines
  • “La Banda”: 7 live musicians with sound system


Credits photos : Laurent Quinkal, Vincent VanHecke, Dominique Chauvin – Show registered at the SACD