Long, anonymous and mysterious figures cross paths without seeing each other. In the street corner, lights and palace doors are seen. Couples meet and assemble to start the burning dances.

The inspiration of the Swing Palace show has its roots in the roaring twenties. The flames vibrate in the swing melodies, entwine around a tango and fly away with electro sounds. Swing Palace plays with that flame and offers meticulous work around its different forms.

Explosive, bright, colorful and poetic, Swing Palace surprises and bewitches from its first flashes.

Format: Fixed show recording
Music: electro-swing repertoire
Duration: 30 minute show

  • 3 dancers and 2 fire and pyrotechnics dancers
  • 1 technician


Credits photos : Alain Cassang – Cie Remue-Ménage – Show registered for SACD