This show involves circus, dance, illuminated puppets and pyrotechnics. It evokes the encounter between masculine and feminine, with its doubts, passion, tenderness, torments and delights.

Under the metal branches of an urban forest, a courtship is beginning. A ballet is taking shape: the hunting of gazes. The tension on stage is palpable: intense gestures full of desire … a bond is emerging. Flames and flying circus artists tell us the story of lovers’ emotions.

Through the projection of images, enables we seta poetical scene for this meeting and this game of seduction. Around them, huge illuminated puppets are the happy witnesses of this eternal game.

Format : acrobatic ballet – fixed choreographic performances
Musique : sound
Technique : son et lumière, A tree, a metallic structure de 8 m high,Pyrotechnie
Duration : 35 min or 50 min

  • The Does: 3 dancers equipped with an illuminated doe’s head-shaped structure
  • The Deers: 3 dancers manipulating a giant articulated, inflated and illuminated puppet
  • Circassians : 2 acrobats Chinese pole acts – 1 acrobat Aerial net and Aerial Rope – 1 acrobat swinging trapeze – 1 fire act (roue Cyr, bolas)
  • 4 technicians


Credits photos : Cie Remue-Ménage – Show registered for SACD